Efficient Energy Services

Benet – From Renewable Energy to Business

The will to increase the use of renewable energy is very strong, and bioenergy is significant form of renewable energy in Europe. With currently available technology, a wide variety of renewable energy sources provide economically profitable opportunities for energy production.

Benet is keen to co-operate with local consultants and engineers to form strong partnership teams. Our wide experience in the renewable energy business, combined with your local knowledge, enables you to achieve your renewable energy goals - from renewable energy to business!

Free energy advice for consumers, municipalities and small and mediun size companies in Cetral Finland

The goal of free energy advice is to increase renewable energy and energy efficiency. Advice is provided on, for example, energy renovation options, solar energy, energy efficiency agreements and energy subsidies.


Promoting regional energy and climate work in Central Finland 2019-2023

Regional Energy and Climate Promotion in Central Finland -project will provide free advice to companies, municipalities and individuals in Central Finland. The goal of the advice is to look at energy consumption and to …