Implemented Benet projects have focused on the use of bioenergy in heat and electricity production, promoting technology exports and developing entrepreneurship in the branch. Activities have included numerous important Finnish and international development projects, ranging from single pre-feasibility studies to long 3 - 4 year projects.

Usually Benet Ltd. is in charge of project development and coordination, while other tasks are carried out by network members according to their expertise. Through numerous international projects our network has gained, together with experience, international contacs which can be further utilized in new projects and business opportunities.

“Assistance from Benet helped us substantially to achieve professional level in biomass supply for Vilnius CHP plant in short time” - Project manager Arunas Bruzgulis, Bionovus, Lithuania

“Benchmark work related to our fuel supply chain carried out by Benet has helped us to streamline our business” - Jose Luis Carvalho, EnerForest, Portugal

“The biomass training courses organized by Benet both in Finland and in Catalonia have had great impact to the development of bioenergy industry in Catalonia” - Xavier Clopes, Departament de Medi Ambient i Habitatge, Spain

“Achieving the EU-targets for bioenergy use in 2020 is very challenging. A Benet project examining the possibilities and challenges for reaching these targets in Finland gave significant information and answered to the demand in the discussion around Finland's new climate and energy policy.” - Jussi-Pekka Aittola, Ramboll Finland Ltd.

“A feasibility study carried out by Benet gave us clear and valuable information of the technical and commercial possibilities of a CHP plant inKraslava” - Managing director Valters Bajars, EbPlans, Latvia