National projects

National Benet projects

Renewal of heat contract of Haapavesi saw 2020 and Timber Lämpö 2019

Energy advicing project in Central-Finland 2019-2023. Charge free energy advicing for consumers, companys and municipals in Cenral Finland.

Energy balance calculation of city of Jyväskylä 2018 (made 2019-2020)

Action plan of municipal energy efficiency agreement of citys Äänekoski and Jämsä 2018

Energy review of Närpiön vihannes-company

Energy Balance calculation on Central Finland 2016 (made 2016)

Renewable energy review of citys of Pihtipudas (2017), Jämsä (2018) and Äänekoski (2019)

Energy expert -training 9-11.2018

Energy advising project 5.2018-5.2019

Cooperation in projects: Hukat hyötykäyttöön (circular economy promotion in small companys in Central Finland) and Lähienergialla omavaraisuuteen

Arrangement of Bioenergy conference 2013

Start-up of district heating in Hankasalmi town centre 2,5 MW, 2012-

Social housing company, JVA, heating service for 6 building groups (total 1 MW ) in Kaunisharju area, 2011-2012

Jyväskylä municipal facility services, Heating service for 6 rural schools in Jyväskylä area, 2011-2012

Energy advisory services in Central Finland, public funded energy advisory for general public, house builders and housing companies, project supervisor, 2012

Start-up of district heating in Aura municipality, 1,5 MW, 2011-

Kannonkoski Municipality/JAMK, consultation of heat purchase contract, development of new DH tariffs for municipal heat operations.

Karstulan lämpöverkko Oy/JAMK, competiviness evaluation of district heating against oil-, pellet- and ground coupled heat pump heating on two building categories.

Start-up of district heating service in Lievestuore Village, 1,5 MW, 2011

Feasibility evaluation of small scale CHP, two sites in Eastern Finland, 2011-2012

Start-up of regional district heating scheme in Hankasalmi Asemanseutu village, private DH providers for housing and public buildings, 1,0 MW, 2011

Feasibility study of small scale CHP, Hankasalmi town centre, 2011

Puulaakson energia Oy, strategy development and action plan for the small power company ( CHP, industrial heating + municipal DH)

Pre-engineering of oil fired steam boiler plant, 20 MW, 2010, project supervision

Biogas for traffic use in Jyväskylä region, project supervision, 2009-2010

Vapor Finland, pre-engineering of two boiler plants for bid purposes, 2009.

Jyväskylä Innovation Oy, Pre-study of biomass chain export co-operation possibilities 2009

D2B - International renewable energy business opportunities in energy technology companies (2009 - 2011)

Identifying the opportunities by examining renewable energy targets, legislation and markets in EU27-countries and developing ways to seize these opportunities in energy technology companies.

Renewable energy heat production for low-energy housing area (2009)

Examining the possibilities and profitability of using renewable energy sources in heat production for a low-energy log housing area in Pudasjärvi, northern Finland.

Preparing a joint project to export bioenergy systems (2008 - 2009)

Actions to prepare a project to export comprehensive bioenergy supply chain systems with several Finnish energy technology companies.

Estimation of the possibilities to reach the national targets for renewable energy in 2020 (2008)

Background work for the national climate and energy strategy

Background work for the national renewable energy program (2007 - 2008)

Background and preparing for the drawing of the national renewable energy program

Strategy work examining the role of Jyväskylä University in regional bioenergy cluster (Finland, 2007 - 2008)

Positioning the university to the regional bioenergy cluster with strong linkages to regional and national bioenergy field actors

Reducing the peak power demand with pellet heaters ( Finland, 2008)

In cold periods, buildings heated by electricity can consume up to 30 % of electricity demand in Finland, causing high peaks in power demand. This project examines the possibilities and means to reduce the power peak demand by installing pellet heaters in electricity heated houses.

Marketing energy efficiency contracts and renewable energy audits for municipalities and cities in Central Finland (Finland 2008 – )

Training experts in building energy efficiency and energy certificates (Finland, 2007 – )

Currently over 1000 building designers and managers trained, in co-operation with several building and real estate expert organizations and associations.

Calculating energy performance certificates and consulting in building energy efficiency (Finland, 2008 – )

Calculating certificates for ca. 500 buildings and consulting constructors in new buildings.