International Benet projects

International Benet projects

Power plant projects development in Southeast Asia, 2019-2020

Energy and Environment Partnership with the Mekong Region (EEP Mekong), In Vienam 2017-2019

Smart regions, 2010-2012

Bioenergy from Forest 2012 International Conference

Organising an International Conference in Jyväskylä, Finland. 180 delegates from 21 countrys.

Direction of dissemination work regarding district heating and cooling in Barcelona sub urban region, 2010-2011

Bioclus, European biomass research and development cluster work, project manager of one sub task, European Union co-finaced project, 2009-2012

The BIOCLUS project is focused on the sustainable use of biomass resources and aims at boosting the regional competitiveness and growth in five European cluster regions: Central Finland, Navarre (Spain), Western Macedonia (Greece), Slovakia and Wielkopolska (Poland).

The BIOCLUS project is funded by the EU seventh framework programme for research and technological development. The project is coordinated by JAMK University of Applied Sciences, Jyväskylä, Finland.

Business opportunities for complete biomass chains in Europe, pre study for group of supply companies, 2009 -

Optimization of power plant layout and wood fuel supply and receiving at Dalkia plant, France (2009)

The task included power plant site selection on a heavily built industrial site with a lot of limitations for the plant layout. Plant and fuel receiving site layout and basic layout were designed for five options. Cost-benefit analysis of the alternative options was carried out and one option was selected for further development. Fuel storage, chipping and crushing and fuel receiving were designed in more detail.

Renewable energy opportunities in Swietokrzyskie area, Poland (2009), Kielce technology centre

Examining the renewable energy potentials and opportunities and means to utilise them in Swietokrzyskie area, Poland.

Dalkia France, training on biomass supply and combustion (2008)

Organizing a study tour and basic training on biomass harvesting, handling, and forest and agrobiomass combustion. Relative benefits of different combustion technologies (crate and fluidized bed combustion).

Utilizing biomass fuels in producing electricity and district heat (Latvia, 2008)

Examining the profitability of a new biomass heat and CHP plant using biomass for existing district heat network.

Supporting the start of heat entrepreneurship (France, 2008)

Supporting the pellet manufacturer EO2 in starting heat entrepreneurship. The project consists of making profitability assessments and examining the benefits of replacing oil heating with wood pellet heating.

Forest biomass fuel production chain evaluation and optimizing (Portugal 2007), client Enerforest (subsidiary of Soporcel Portucell)

Forest biomass fuel production chains integrated into forest industry commercial felling were examined and optimized. The forest biomass fuels included pine and eucalyptus logging residues, damaged trees and stumps.

BioHousing - Sustainable, comfortable and competitive biomass based heating of private houses (international EU project partially funded by the IEE-program, 2006 - 2008)

BioHousing aimed to remove barriers to use biofuels for heating in households. This includes designing standard and commercial technical systems and producing tools and information material for sustainable biomass heating. Project encourages energy service entrepreneurship and trains energy actors to increase their professional skills to advice house builders and decision-makers.

The project consortium consists of 7 partners from Finland, Italy, France, Spain and Austria, BENET being the coordinator of the project.

ENCROP - Promoting the production and utilisation of energy crops at European level (EU Intelligent Energy Europe IEE-project, 2007 - 2010)

Increasing the use of biomass, including energy crops is one of the main objectives of the European Union energy policy both on national and regional levels in different European countries. The overall objective of the proposed action is to promote the cultivation, production and utilisation of lignocellulosic energy crops at the European level.

The project consortium consists of eight partners coming from Finland, Italy, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Austria, and The European Biomass Association (AEBIOM).

5EURES – Five European RES-Heat Pilots (EU Intelligent Energy Europe IEE-project, 2005 – 2008)

The aim of the 5EURES project was to develop functioning biofuel markets and bioenergy production in 5 European countries. This was done by transferring expertise and technology from Finland to Portugal, Spain, Germany and Lithuania. During the project biofuel production and utilization chains were be demonstrated in all five countries in collaboration with enterprises and local officials. The project also included training of experts who will be able to train new professionals in running the bioenergy chain and heating plants itself. The project was coordinated by BENET Bioenergy Network. Also involved in the project were the Finnish Forest Research Institute, Technical Research Centre of Finland, North Karelia Polytechnic and Jyväskylä Polytechnic/Institute of Natural Resources as well as Finpro's export centres in Madrid, Berlin and London. In addition the project involved partners from each target country.

Propellets - Promoting European Pellet Heating Systems in the Market (EU Intelligent Energy Europe IEE-project, 2005 – 2007)

The overall aim was to promote pellet heating systems in European countries through demonstrating the techno-economical feasibility of pilot heating targets and integrating the acquired experiences. For example, in Finland the project was focused on the Hirvaskangas housing area where the project resulted in starting of a new heat entrepreneur and several new pellet heating systems in residential houses.

The project consortium included altogether five partners from Finland, Spain, Austria, UK and Italy